6 Ways to Improve Employee Experience in your Company Starting Now.

The success or failure of a company 80% lies on the contribution of individual employees to your business. Although most companies aim to be customer-centric, it is imperative to understand and implement effective employee experience. Therefore, identifying, comprehending, and taking action on what factors that affect employee satisfaction to sustain the company’s excellent work flow is impertinent

What is Employee Experience (EX)?

 To put it simply, employee experience is the total experience an employee has with a company. This includes the benefits, culture, work environment, and tools companies provide to their employees which can be linked to employee success. In recent years, most tech companies home and abroad, Google, Twitter, Flutterwave, Cowrywise, etc. welcome their newly employed with a “gift box” which mostly contains stationery, coffee cup, a laptop, etc. This act potentially pulls in more revenue in terms of employee engagement compared to companies with lower levels of employee engagement. Furthermore, employee experience comprises everything an employee encounters, feels, and sees as they work in an organization. It can relate to each phase of an employee journey in an organization, i.e. from employment to career development, and the emotions felt as they resign from the company. Also, a past employee may be a company’s biggest activist or resentful cynic depending on their employee experience.