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Brand Manager ECLAT HR

Brand Manager

It is expected that the brand manager will create new ideas to promote and change the public perception of the firm bearing in mind the restriction on advertisement for law firms. There should be evident changes that would attract top clients and positive attention to the firm through quality and image. The brand manager is expected to secure nominations and awards (legal and non-legal) for the firm. As such, the brand manager will be required to understand and manage the mandate of the firm and work with the available resources to meet the vision.

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Procurement Officer

Procurement Officer

PURPOSE: The purpose of this job is that the procurement officer purchases goods or services for the factory to use or sell. The officer ensures that the employer obtains quality products for competitive prices in a timely fashion, the officer also plays an integral role in ensuring the factory sticks to budgets and operates profitably. …

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Apply Now: Sales/Marketing Officer

Sales/Marketing Officer

A sales/Marketing Officer is responsible for helping build up a business by identifying new business prospects and selling product to them.

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chief operating officr poster

Chief Operating Officer

PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Chief Operating officer is responsible for the daily operations of the law firm, from managing staff to handling clients interactions, assisting with the on-boarding process of new hires, providing training for staff, ensuring legal obligations are met and handling clients complaints and concerns effectively. Expectations: As Chief Operating officer, you are …

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Program manager poster

Program Manager

PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Program manager creates programs and challenges that are as effective and efficient as possible. Ensure that all implemented activities are relevant to the mission and vision of the organization. Identify fundraising strategies that benefit and complement the mission and vision of the NGO. EXPECTATION: Program Manager is expected to organize and …

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