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Our training on developing emotional intelligence is designed to provide insights on how to identify, as well as  manage your emotions and triggers. Participating in this training will challenge your inner self to regain control of trying circumstances and be ready.


Participants will receive valuable guidance based on practical suggestions and empirical  evidence to help them understand how emotions can affect ones thought and behaviour.


What you will learn:

·         Develop emotional quotient to build and maintain relationships.

·         Defuse conflicts and improve job satisfaction.

·         Potentials to increase team productivity and staff retention.

·         Effectively manage emotions and develop empathic attunement to build strong relationships.







Effective personal-management will enable individuals to develop the needed disciplines that will help bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishment. High achievers are people who have learned how to effectively manage self, leveraging all resources available to motivate themselves toward the fulfilment of their fullest potentials.


This course will aim at encouraging individuals to evaluate and monitor their attitude, energy and priority in relation to their personal goals and career vision. It will empower individuals for self-management and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize their performances which are essential for personal success and career accomplishments.



What you will learn:

  • Develop a greater sense of integrity and strength to accomplish goals.
  • Build a healthier self-concept to manage issues and events.
  • Develop strategy towards a greater time-task productivity.
  • Manage stress more effectively and efficiently.





This course will equip individuals with the ability to communicate messages in all circumstances and situations. You will learn how other people think and compute information, so you will be able to effectively personalise communication in the best way for the receivers and for yourself.


What you will learn:

  • Enhance information delivery and decision making.
  • Increase awareness of own communication skills.
  • Develop strategies to improve professional communication.
  • Increase confidence in responding to difficult communication situations.
  • Understand the rules that govern written communication.





Our Customer Service training teaches the fundamentals of customer service and how to translate that knowledge into practical application. Participants will  know how to develop positive attitude, going a step beyond basic customer service, and dealing effectively with complaints will enhance their work experience.


Participants will learn the difference between internal and external customers and will learn how the development and implementation of a comprehensive customer service policy promotes consistency in how customers are treated.




What you will learn:

  • Understand customer service fundamentals.
  • Identify internal and external customers.
  • Learn how to interact positively with customers.
  • Develop a positive attitude.
  • Learn to communicate effectively.
  • Learn to create and implement service standards.
  • Learn to evaluate and monitor service standards.
  • Learn to create memorable customer experience