About Us

Éclat HR is a progressive Human Resource Management Firm with its Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. Our portfolio represents a diverse spectrum of professionals whom are solution oriented. Our team portfolio has allowed us to be operational in various industries in Nigeria such as Information and Communication Technology, Medical, Legal, Non-profit organizations, Construction, Transportation, etc. Our experience over the years has provided us  the opportunity to render services for startups, mid -scale, and large-scale organizations. These services and solutions range from Human Resource Management Systems, Human resource software, Corporate strategy, Administration, Labour and Statutory Compliance, Law office management, Staffing, Talent management, Compensation and benefit Administration, Benchmarking Surveys, Human Capital Development, and much more.


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Eclat HR Consulting Limited.


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Our Focus

Our focus is to enable our clients achieve their desired outcome by providing them with workable systems, structures and people. We understand that every client is unique and this is why we take individual responsibility for each client’s experience, their organizations, and its resources. We are committed to providing operational excellence to our clients in every situation and we remain very committed to facilitating a positive client experience.

Our Core Values

E - Exceptional client experience

We believe that customers are essential to the success of any business, so we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients experience our beliefs in the way that we go about providing our services. With every encounter we have with clients, we make a provision for a feedback process where clients can share their thoughts freely about our methods and the experience they have had working with our team. We are constantly evolving to ensure that we are ahead of the competition on business trends and what is expected so we use these constructive feedbacks to gain pointers on how to improve our services.

C - Client Satisfaction

The machinery of our business is hinged on our clients and their satisfaction with the services we offer. For this reason, customer satisfaction is paramount and one of our core values. There are dozens of factors contributing to the success (or failure) of a business, and client satisfaction is one of the key factors amongst them. So, at Éclat Human Resources Consulting Limited, we track these factors and work to improve them to keep our clients satisfied, loyal and eventually convert them into our brand ambassadors. “If you do not care about clients’ satisfaction, do not expect them to care about your services or product”.

L - Loyalty, we are loyal to our clients

loyalty and trust are ethical bases for any relationship and for us, we  ensure that we stay loyal to our clients by being there for them just like they have been for us.  We stay connected and are a part of our clients lives within us, all while maintaining a cordial and professional relationship.

A - Agreeable; we understand our clients' perspective & give professional advice

At Éclat Human Resources Consulting Limited, it is our strong belief that our clients are never wrong; they can only be perceived from a perspective that is different from ours. We stay warm, friendly, and tactful as we discuss clients concerns because we have an optimistic view of the human nature. By so doing, we are able to decipher their needs, come up with pragmatic solutions and provide the kind of service that our clients may require, hence our core value; agreeableness.

T - Tenacity; we are a determined Company

At Éclat Human Resources Consulting Limited, our attitude is this, once we set our minds to achieving a task, it is as good as done. Our core value of tenacity speaks about our dogged attitude, our positive drive, and our ability to always deliver on our mandate.