Facility Manager

Key Responsibilities
We seek a facility manager who can deliver or is willing to learn how to deliver on the following:
 Run maintenance in all the equipment and machines at the hotel.
 Oversee and agree on contracts and providers for services including security, parking, cleaning, catering,
 Analyse risk factors in the hotel and advise.
 Supervise multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, maintenance, grounds and security
 Ensure that basic facilities, such as water and heating, are well-maintained
 Manage budgets and ensuring cost-effectiveness
 Allocate and managing space between buildings
 Ensure that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards
 Advise businesses on increasing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
 Oversee building projects, renovations, or refurbishments.
 Draft reports and make written recommendations.

Download here Job Vacancy- FACILITY MANAGER