Human Resource Manager (Expatriate Only)

Key Responsibilities
We seek a human resource manager who can deliver or is willing to learn how to deliver on the following:
• Assists in the interviewing and hiring of Human Resource employee team members with the appropriate skills, as
• Establishes and maintains contact with external recruitment sources.
• Attends job fairs and ensures documentation of outreach efforts in accordance with Human Resource Standard
Operating Procedures.
• Networks with local organizations (e.g., Hotel Association and peers) to source candidates for current or future
• Oversees/monitors candidate identification and selection process.
• Provides subject matter expertise to property managers regarding selection procedures.
• Partners with vendor partners to ensure effective advertisement efforts are being utilized for open positions in
appropriate venues to attract a diverse candidate pool.
• Performs quality control on vendor partner’s performance regarding applicant sourcing and selection.
Training & Development
• Develop a departmental orientation program for employees to receive the appropriate new hire training to
successfully perform their job.
• Ensures employees are cross trained to support successful daily operations.
• Uses all available on the job training tools for employees; supervise on-going training initiatives and conducts
training, when appropriate.
• Ensures coordination and facilitation of new hire orientation program to generate a positive first impression for
employees and emphasize the importance of guest service in company culture.
• Ensures attendance by all new hires and participation of the leadership team in training programs
• Collaborates with management team to ensure departmental orientation processes are in place and employees
receive the appropriate new hire training to successfully perform their job.
Employee Relations
• Assists in maintaining effective employee communication channels in the property (e.g., develops daily
communications and assists with regularly scheduled property-wide meetings).
• Reviews progressive discipline documentation for accuracy and consistency, and checks for supportive
documentation and is accountable for determining appropriate action.
• Utilizes an “open door” policy to acknowledge employee problems or concerns in a timely manner
• Ensures employee issues are referred to the Department Manager/HODs for resolution or escalated to the
General Manager.
• Partners with CSO Chief Security Officer to conduct employee accident investigations, as necessary.
• Communicates performance expectations in accordance with job descriptions for each position.
Legal and Compliance Practices
• Ensures employee files contain required employment paperwork, proper performance management and
compensation documentation, are properly maintained and secured for the required length of time.
• Ensures compliance with procedure for accessing, reviewing, and auditing employee files and ensure compliance
with the corresponding confidentiality.
• Ensures medical records are maintained in a separate, secure and confidential medical file.
• Communicates property rules and regulations via the employee handbook.
• Ensures all safety and security policies (e.g., property removal, lost and found items, blood borne pathogens,
accident reporting, and hygiene) are communicated to employees on a regular basis through orientation, property
meetings, bulletin boards, etc.
• Conducts periodic claims reviews with Regional Claims office to ensure claims are closed in a timely manner and
reserve levels are appropriate for open claims.
• Represents Human Resources at the property Safety Committee; helps to identify ways to create awareness of
the importance of safety in the workplace and decrease accident frequency and severity.
• Ensure appropriate employee care and manage costs involved.

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